We take great pride in ensuring that all of our bespoke watches are produced to the highest standards, with an emphasis on innovation, sustainability, creativity and manufacturing integrity.

Nonetheless, your watch is covered by our limited warranty against any defects in manufacturing; this includes the watch movement, indexes, and hands (*with the exception of the dial made from parts of wrecked supercars). It does not cover damage caused through misuse, physical force or normal wear and tear.

The warranty for a Fuoriserie Co timepiece is valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Upon expiration of the warranty period, any repairs will be subject to a service charge.

As a consumer, you are entitled to the benefit of statutory consumer guarantees in respect of items or services purchased from Fuoriserie Co. If you believe an item or services is faulty, not of acceptable quality, does not match the description provided or is not fit for purpose, you may be entitled to a remedy under the Australian or New Zealand Consumer Law. However these consumer guarantees do not apply where the item was damaged due to abnormal use or misuse. Where you believe an item is faulty, it may be necessary for us to send the item to the manufacturer or their service agent for it to be assessed. In accordance with Australian or New Zealand Consumer Law, if the failure is minor, we may repair the item (or, at our discretion, we may replace the item or refund you) within a reasonable time.

We recommend that you avoid all contact with water. Avoid wearing the watch when showering, bathing, swimming, diving, or any activity where it is exposed directly to water. The watch is resistant to everyday use and light rain. Water damage is not covered under the 12 month warranty.

The glass of the watch is made of hardened mineral glass. It is resistant against normal wear and tear but should be used with care. Kindly note that damaged glass is not covered under the 12 month warranty.

As a maker of uniquely designed products with up-cycled parts from salvaged supercars, we do take great pride in the watches we make, adhering to strict quality control practices. However, you should be aware that working with reclaimed materials is labour intensive and unpredictable. As such, each dial has imperfections due to the nature of reclaimed car panels and your watch may contain evidence of its past usage, including marks, scratches, dents, gouges and other imperfections. We consider these imperfections part of our brand’s aesthetic and, by not removing, but improving on them, we are creating a more sustainable product, that reveals the character of reclaimed materials.  Due to this, these imperfections will not be repaired or considered under warranty.

Your warranty will be rendered void if any attempts are made to repair or modify your timepiece without prior consent from us. 

Other parts that are not listed above are not covered by this warranty. If the product is returned during the warranty period, Fuoriserie Co will repair any defective watch or watch-part, at no additional expense, within a reasonable time, after the product is returned. However, the customer will be subject to the costs of shipping the product. 

If purchasing from e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Groupon or an unauthorised third party vendor on Amazon, there is a risk of receiving a timepiece that is counterfeit, used or defective.

Fuoriserie Co does not honor any warranty claims that are not accompanied by the original documentation as we are the only retailer of these limited edition timepieces. To obtain a repair or replacement under this limited warranty, you must ensure that the timepiece was purchased through us and can be proved with original purchase receipt.

Fuoriserie Co will not honour any warranty claims for watches purchased from an unauthorised retailer.

If you experience any damage to your watch that is considered to be covered by our warranty, you can contact our team by submitting a email request to info@fuoriserie.co to receive the further help.
To ease and expedite the process, please include the following info when contacting us:
- Model and serial number e.g. #0/150 (If your watch is a gift you will need to contact the person who purchased it for you to receive the proof of purchase)
- Pictures of the watch and the damage
- Receipt 
Your current address info:
- First and Last name
- Street address
- Postal code
- Country, City
- Telephone number

NOTE: At the time of ordering: It is your obligation to enter the correct delivery address details. Should you enter the wrong address, we are not obliged to re-send the order to the correct address at our expense.


If you are within Australia, we will instruct you to return your watch to us via Australia Post, using a tracked option.

If you are located in Sydney, you are also welcome to drop off your timepiece to our office in Ramsgate during business hours, provided you have first contacted us to discuss your issue via info@fuoriserie.co.

Once we receive your timepiece, please allow up to 30 working days for repair, depending on the severity of the issue. In most instances, repair work will be completed within or before that time period.


If you are located internationally, we will instruct you to return your timepiece to us via your national postal service, using a tracked option.

Once we receive your timepiece, please allow up to 30 working days for repair, depending on the severity of the issue. In most instances, repair work will be completed within or before that time period.

If you have an issue with your watch, please contact us first to discuss the issue: info@fuoriserie.co 


The Fuoriserie Co Warranty does not cover:
- Defects and damages due to misuse, loss, theft, fire, water, or a natural disaster;
- Damage caused by how the packaging is opened once it has reached the customer, any damages caused by the customer's mailbox or property where the print is delivered to, or any other transit damage or mis-handling which is out of our control;
- Failure or damage caused by improper use, carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal/glass, etc.), or accidents;
- Any loss or damage arising from items stolen, lost or damaged after delivery has taken place;
- Failure or damage caused by unjustifiable repair or modification;
- Aesthetical changes, defects, and damages due to normal wear and tear and aging (e.g. minor scratches on the case and/or crystal, altercation of the watchband and peeling of the plating, etc.);
- Battery, wristband, crown, or crystal/glass;
- Watches where the serial number is missing or have been erased, altered, falsified, replaced, defaced, or made illegible.